New thinner USB can be used on both sides

New thinner USB can be used on both sides

Next year will be launched a new USB connection for smartphones and gadgets. It is more compact than the current one, and we can use it on both sides, as it is today with Apple's Lightning-Connector. Be the end to look for the right side of your cable before connecting. Good thing.

micro usb kabel

The new connection will be from Type C and it is planned for next year. It will support USB 3.1 specification and be gradual with respect to data transfer and reloading. As a result, the tendency is for USB to be even more widely used, becoming a kind of universal connection with support for numerous handsets, as claimed by the "USB 3.0 Promoter Group". Check out our MicroUSB 3.0 test on Galaxy Note 3 here.

There is also a downside to this technology: the new connection will not be backwards compatible – without devices with the Type C input, an adapter will be required to make the connection.

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