New theme for Ubuntu 20.04 is under development

Since switching from Unity to GNOME, the Ubuntu team has been refining the system theme to be as harmonious as possible. This has been happening since Ubuntu 18.10 with the Yaru theme, previously called the Ubuntu Community Theme.

The announcement of the new airs for Yaru came through a post on the official blog of Ubuntu, where project leader Martin Wimpress commented how important it is to have a visual identity for the system. He commented that the Yaru team met in London, with the design staff from Canonical and the Ubuntu Desktop to outline what this new visual identity of the system would look like. It has also been commented that Yaru is available for Fedora and Arch users. Pop! _OS was also mentioned, in which its theme was based on Yaru. Another interesting point mentioned by Wimpress, was that they received requests to port Yaru to the other flavors of Ubuntu, as well as to Linux Mint and Manjaro.

A very interesting detail presented by him, that the selection buttons, option (check-boxes) and switches (similar to an on / off button), will stop being green and go to a shade of purple (eggplant ), as you can see in the image below.

He also touched on the subject that many GNOME / GTK contributors do not use Ubuntu as a base. This was noticed at GUADEC and at the Linux Application Summit, in which employees want their apps to work correctly for Ubuntu users, without having to dual boot or upload a VM for this. With this feedback, to facilitate integration, a complement to the Yaru theme already present in the Fedora files and in the AUR of Arch Linux will be made available on flatpak. To further minimize any inconsistency in relation to the Yaru theme, it was aligned to the Adwaita upstream (base theme) in the year 2019. With the introduction of actions on GitHub, Yaru will automatically receive news, corrections and the like from Adwaita, reducing thus the time between leaving on one project and being enabled on the other.

Now a novelty that comes with the Yaru theme, the variation in relation to the system shell, such as the top bar, notification balloons and the like. There will be 3 options, a Light (totally clear), a Standard (dark bar but the inside of the white window) and a totally Dark one. The developers are investigating how to make this switch without logging off.

Finally, they are experimenting with alternative icons to suit the light and dark themes that I turn into.

To see the full post, you can access it here.

It is very cool to see that the people of Ubuntu Desktop are concerned with giving a new visual identity to the operating system, something that was remarkable in the years 2010/2012 when Unity was the face of Ubuntu, wanting to redeem now and it seems they are succeeding.

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