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New tests prove the power of the new MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9 chip

Last week, the YouTuber Dave Lee has introduced a new policy involving the newly released MacBooks Pro Pointing out that when the machine is configured with an Intel Core i9 chip, it cannot operate at full power for a long time due to overheating of the Mac.

We subsequently updated the matrix based on tests performed by the AppleInsider and at 9to5Mac confirmed Lee's suspicions. The “problem” that they all focused too much on clock rather than looking at the actual performance of the machine, especially in heavy operations such as video rendering and exporting.

Jonathan Morrisonfrom the channel TLDToday, was the one who put the new MacBook Pro to the test with the largest number of different tests and situations. Spoiler: in * all * them the machine did very well, producing better results than the past i7 version.

Another that obtained similar results was Faruk Korkmaz, O iPhonedo, who just was not very pleased with the performance of the laptop in the famous game Fortnite:

J Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee didn't focus that much on the politics in his video of hands-on, but took a comparative test and also found that the new MacBook Pro is about 15% faster than the previous one:

In parallel to all this, over the weekend Intel temporarily shut down its utility Power gadget for Mac just the software used by all YouTubers to measure the clock MacBook Pro in real time. It is quite possible that the need for an update has to do with all this politics; maybe Intel found a bug there, you know.

Intel, by the way, may be largely to blame for it all because Dell laptops suffer from the exact same thing with their i9 chip.

Overall, it is clear that Apple and Intel need to do something to improve this even if they turn on MacBook Pro fans more often to help cool them down. The power of the i9 is proven, but there is no doubt that it works pretty hot and that the MacBook Pro's superfine aluminum chassis doesn't do much for it.