Novas ferramentas do Telegram vão ajudar no seu dia a dia

New Telegram Tools Will Help Your Everyday Life

Telegram three news that will be true hand in the wheel to speed up your tasks of the day.

In today's world, have a tool that facilitates your day to day something that we are always looking for in it? Telegram wants to be this tool by launching more functions in its app.

New Telegram Tools Will Help Your Day

Telegram is known for always bringing innovations to the messaging medium, and some of these features implemented, never even reached the alpha versions of its competitors, let's say. In recent updates it was no different.

One feature that I found very good, which we can start with, is the possibility that you can send a message in silence, thus not disturbing the person. The message will arrive without any sound even if the sound notifications are active. To send very simple, just hold the Send button and choose the mute option. Thus the message, whether text or media, will be sent silently.

The message thus reaches the destination.

Also new was the arrival of scheduled messages, where you can use either group, private messages or unsaved messages.

To send in groups or in private is very easy, just type the message and then press and hold the Send button (on the desktop version with the right mouse button), thus choosing the scheduling option.

Still on the schedule, you can use it in Saved Messages as a reminder, so it can help you with future appointments or whatever you need to remember later. When the scheduled message or reminder is sent, they will be identified with a special notification and calendar icon for you to better identify.

There were many other news, which you can check here and here.

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