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New technology can double your smartphone's battery life

Undoubtedly, after analyzing a smartphone's processor, the second move is to check the life of the battery it charges, because there's no point in a super machine if you need to plug it into a power outlet all the time. Battery has always been a problem when it comes to smart phones and no manufacturer gets critical. But one technology developed by Eta Devices, a spin-off from the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), promises to double the hours of use of a mobile device drastically reducing power consumption.

New technology can double the battery life of your smartphone.

Nowadays, when a smart phone or a regular phone is in standby mode, they still consume a lot of power to prevent signal movement distortion to the output mode (calls and messages). The technology developed by Eta Devices adjusts the voltage required for perfect signal reception to always use as low as possible. The result is much longer battery life and a drastic reduction in the energy and heat loss caused by it, which among other things shortens the life of the batteries. In the words of Eta Devices:

In the process of mobile communication technology, the need for electric power has increased for both the user and the support towers, so when the phone is looking for a signal, for example, the power demand increases, the phone heats up and the battery dies quickly. Using this architecture, we can intelligently select appropriate voltages for the lowest power consumption, packet send and receive.

Network Coding, as the technology is called, will be presented in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. At first the technology will be put to the test next year.

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