New SUSE Solution for SUSE OpenStack Cloud

SUSE is reshaping its solutions for the Cloud market.

As SUSE embarks on the next stage of growth and evolution as the world's largest independent open source company, SUSE expands its business to meet the current and future needs of Enterprise customers as they move into application and process universes. of hybrid and multidynamic DevOps. SUSE is ideally positioned to execute this strategy and help its customers embrace the full spectrum of computing environments.

New SUSE Solution for SUSE OpenStack Cloud

SUSE is focusing and increasing its strategic investments in the application delivery market and existing opportunities to align with industry technology trends and, most importantly, customer needs. This focus includes current application delivery offerings such as SUSE Cloud Application Platform and SUSE CaaS Platform. They are solutions already recognized by the market.

To maximize these opportunities, SUSE has carefully reviewed its business and decided to discontinue production of new versions of SUSE OpenStack Cloud, discontinuing sales of this solution. The pioneer in open source software is working with all of its customers and partners to support them for the remainder of their subscription and transition to alternative solutions.

Discontinuation with SUSE OpenStack Cloud allows the company to align its resources according to current customer demands and market opportunities. This additional focus further drives SUSE as a forward-looking independent open source company with growth and innovation goals.

In addition to increasing focus and strategic investment in application delivery, SUSE maintains and increases its commitment to delivering the best enterprise Linux in the industry, along with the industry's best open source project-based software-defined storage (SDS). Ceph. With all product offerings, the company is constantly working to provide innovative technology and services that best meet the needs of our customers and partners.

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