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New studies indicate broad medical potential of KardiaBand pro Apple Watch bracelet, including detection of hyperkalaemia

Maybe you remember the KardiaBandIt's the first FDA-approved Apple Watch accessory (more specifically, a special watch strap) that we reviewed here a few months ago.

The main purpose of the sensor is to provide near-instant ECG testing for its users; Today, two different studies show that KardiaBand is not only very fit for this task but has yet another very strong potential in the medical field.

The first of the studies was conducted by AliveCor (manufacturer of KardiaBand) in partnership with Cleveland Clinic and determined that the accessory can detect episodes of atrial fibrillation with 93% sensitivity and 94% specificity the same indices as a common ECG test; If the data collected in real time is analyzed by a doctor, this rate reaches 99%.

As a result, AliveCor can sell its product with yet another convincing statement (after FDA approval) that its primary function works to its satisfaction and, surprisingly, with similar effectiveness to a full exam. Who should also be celebrating, of course, Apple that will see its product begin to become a complete platform for health and medical monitoring.

And all of this can expand even further if we take into account the second shared study today, conducted by Mayo Clinic. The researchers found that the combination of one of AliveCor's ECG devices (KardiaBand included) with artificial intelligence technologies can detect, with sensitivity of 90% to 94%, episodes of hyperkalaemia cases in which the potassium concentration in the blood reaches levels above those considered healthy and may indicate complications, such as heart problems, renal dysfunction or diabetes.

The finding is especially important because, to this day, the only way to detect the level of potassium in an individual's organism is by collecting blood; A non-invasive method of constantly and accurately obtaining this information would be a major revolution in monitoring patients of a number of conditions somewhat similar to what Apple is trying to develop in the area of ​​diabetes for blood glucose monitoring.

The prospects are interesting, aren't they? For those interested, KardiaBand can be purchased on the AliveCor website or on Amazon for $ 200.

via AppleInsider