New Spy Drone Moves to Linux

North American company creates Drone capable of flying over the country with high resolution cameras and uses Linux for it.

North American company creates Drone that can function as a true satellite, the device can fly over the clouds and can be controlled over the internet, through a simple Smartphone or a special JoyStick.


Linux is being used to control a drone capable of flying across the United States

Novelty the use of Linux in drones; I met Linux drone in November 2010 at the 7th edition of the Hacker to Hacker Conference (H2HC, short for Hackers to Hackers Conference) when one of the speakers introduced Ar.Drone controlling it via Ipad via bluetooth (the product had not yet arrived in Brazil and the speaker managed to get through customs smoothly).

In the same year (in December 2010, to be more specific), I published in an old blog that I had in which Alessandro de Oliveira Faria, better known as hair presents the subject about the quadricopter.

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World's first Drone running Ubuntu Snappy-based applications

We have also presented in a diocast mentioning the US military migrating their drones from SunOS to Linux. Now the company has published on Virgin website 3DR with its Smart Drones. Three years ago, its owner was actually editor of a magazine with no experience in airspace and even no skills, and today leads the American drone market.

And how did he get it? Simple! With a good radar for what is happening and growing, watching the technologies being adopted that have taken you to that point.

Even not knowing about technology, he created a community called DIY Drones to offer the audience an experience and joined a young genius he met online in the community (who was already growing and community members were already collaborating) and started the company to make these community projects on products. Thus arose the 3DR (3D Robotics).

Linux powered drone

A junction of technologies

The combination of 3D printer and other desktop technologies, open source projects such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, sensors and processors that are making the smart phone industry go round making the most interesting and affordable hardware enabled 3DR to produce Solo Smart Drone.

Linux drone

This is simply not the most drone on the market, they are called smart drones or smart phones with propellers for using chips present in the Iphone and Android phones. Solo Smart Drone comes connected by default out of the box, so it's designed to be part of the Big Data movement; Like the network-connected Solo, it is part of the Internet of things, front-facing camera, joystick-like control, can be controlled via smartphones and has long range.

Watch the following video to get a feel for Solo's power:

The 3DR claims that drones make an eclipse in satellites because drones can see the world not only from above, but also closely, anytime, from anywhere and under clouds that obscure two thirds of the earth if seen by satellites. any time.

It is also worth mentioning that 3DR dronecode software is part of the Linux Foundation.

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