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New source confirms predictions by Piper Jaffray researchers and believes in Apple tablet for 2010

The claims made by Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, about an Apple tablet scheduled for 2010 would be just more of the same, had they not been confirmed by a new source, this time linked to the reporter Peter Burrows of BusinessWeek. According to him, what this new source said is consistent with the analysis made by Munster, which by the way was sent to Piper Jaffray customers on the same day as the publication of the article BW.

Apple tablet patent

Rumors of Apple launching a product of this category on the market have existed for years, but have stopped in recent months due to the appearance of several models of netbooks at very low prices, something that Ma does not yet offer among its products. In the company's last financial announcements, Tim Cook, chief operating officer, commented on questions from investors and reporters on the matter, dismissing this market, saying only that Apple was keeping an eye on its evolution. As there is strong speculation that a product smaller than a MacBook and larger than an iPod touch may soon be launched by her, the focus of attention will once again be the corroborated tablet from Ma.

However, some analysts believe that Apple, due to the large number of factors pointed out by Munster that it is certain to launch a tablet, will not wait until 2010 to launch it on the market.Ezra Gottheil, from Technology Business Research, in sees this as a "life and death case" for her, with regard to adaptations that a product of this size must have in its hardware or software. "I don't think Apple is working on some kind of new processor or enhancement for the Mac OS," he said.

Like Rafael Fischmann, I don't put a lot of faith in surveys made by analysts, since most of them are what make the value of Apple's shares (AAPL) go up or down. At worst, these rumors came to try to take some of the pressure off Mac sales, which would certainly make Ma's market value drop a little in the minds of investors. However, these speculations are proving much more daring than we were used to. "Apple will have something new later this year," guaranteed Gottheil.