New Smart Battery Cases appear in Apple's internal document

At the beginning of this month, the developer Guilherme Rambo found evidence of a Smart Battery Case for the X / XS iPhones and, soon after, shared images of how to be the new accessory that can still be launched this year, as we will see below.

Images of the new cases appeared in a document, obtained by Appleosophy, which informs Ma employees how to arrange silicone and leather cases on store shelves. O 9to5Mac confirmed the legitimacy of the document.

Apple product merchanding chart

Despite the small illustrations, when enlarging the image you can clearly see that it is a Smart Battery Case due to the higher rear part of the accessory (the battery itself). We can also see that the case is arranged in both the iPhone XS and XS Max lines, "confirming" that it will be available for both smartphone models.

The document makes reference to the availability of Ma's accessories for the autumn period in the Northern Hemisphere, suggesting that the company wanted to launch the Smart Battery Case some time ago. This means that Apple will still be able to launch its new case with external battery until the end of the season, which ends next Friday (12/21).

On the other hand, the document also generated some doubts. Why was the case included in Apple's line of leather accessories, if it was never made with this material? The position held by the Smart Battery Case in both the iPhone XS and XS Max lines should actually display the Apple leather case.

In addition, the product does not appear in the column of any of the other colors, except black unlike the latest model of the Smart Battery Case, launched for iPhones 7/8 and which also has a model in white. According to the 9to5Mac, “Unambiguous” that the Smart Battery Case for iPhones X / XS is practically ready to have appeared in this type of document.

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