New Simplex has 158 measures to simplify Public Administration services

New Simplex has 158 measures to simplify Public Administration services

The new program announced this morning, with a conference that can be followed online, and the minister of Modernization of the State and the Public Administration, Alexandra Leito, recalls that in addition to changing the services, the Simplex has changed the processes of the Public Administration from the inside , creating bridges, promoting the sharing of resources and services. And he pointed out several examples that in recent years reflect a new model for transforming public services, among the more than 1,500 measures implemented since 2006.

Among the 158 measures that are presented today is the extension of the declaration at the time of Social Security to family allowance, social insertion income, unemployment benefit and unemployment social benefit. The scope of the automatic IRS and VAT will also be extended, but there are initiatives from the various governmental areas, which are aimed at citizens and companies, but also at improving processes within the Public Administration, and which will be implemented still in 2020, but also in 2021 and 2022.

The list of measures can be consulted online on the Simplex website, with research by intervention area and recipients.

Between 5 minutes and 3 hours, Antnio Costa's experience with online services

Prime Minister Antnio Costa, who made the closing speech at the conference, welcomed the fact that an idea that emerged in 2006 still remains "fresh" and with initiatives to show, highlighting the importance of modernizing services, especially in the current conjuncture of pandemic that forced everyone to accelerate in a few days a digital transformation that is believed to take decades.

But Antnio Costa did not give praise. Sharing his personal experience, and the fact that he was forced to use more digital services, he stressed that there is "a huge inequality between the various digital public services", highlighting that the best are from the finance ministry and attributing this to the fact that this ministry that distributes the financing. The Prime Minister did not mention which services he had had a bad experience, but explained that, in two different services, where it was necessary to obtain an authorization to grant your data to another service, in one case it took 5 minutes and in another 3 hours, es overcame obstacles "with a lot of intermediation from children".

"This means that we must make a great effort," stressed Antnio Costa, defending the strategy of strengthening competence centers that can support the public services of all ministries.

"Citizens do not speak to ministries, they speak to the State and the communication channel has to be the same regardless of what they are dealing with", says Antnio Costa

The Prime Minister argues that the services must have the same graphic image, which is also accessible, and defending that "there is no reason for spraying", not least because the Ministry of Administrative Modernization can centralize the capacity for articulation and transform across the board.

Collaborative process of identifying measures

Since 2006, the Simplex was built with a joint effort by the various ministries, companies, universities and citizens' proposals. "More than 40% of the measures came from participatory logic," explained the minister during her intervention, adding that this context of COVID-19 did not limit this participation.

Alexandra Leito explains that this eleventh edition of the Simplex is based on two axes, which are better Public Service and More Modern Public Administration. "In the first axis, there are measures that aim to facilitate the lives of people and companies, improving the business environment by reducing administrative burdens, dividing these measures into 4 categories: simplifying compliance with obligations; decreasing the number of interactions with the Administration; expanding digital services and; reinforcing proximity to people and the territory ", he explains the minister.

The second axis "values ​​the processes of internal transformation of the Public Administration, developing the skills of male and female workers, promoting collaboration between entities and sectors, increasing efficiency through technology".

10 fully digital services in a list of 158 measures

In the list of new Simplex services there are 10 entirely digital services, including the Casa Pronta process, which the new Simplex intends to completely dematerialize, with the final issuance of the online certificate of the title Casa Pronta, allowing to immediately carry out all the necessary formalities for buying and selling or another type of transaction relating to urban, mixed or rustic buildings, an initiative planned for the third quarter of 2021.