New services and features in Meo

On Thursday, Meo launches three new services and features – “My Account”, “Meo Magazine” and “Games” – available from the main menu for customers of the IPTV service.

“My Account” and “Meo Magazine” are areas that integrate “O Meu Meo”, a new option in the TV Menu, which will add customizable services and features.

Through “My Account”, customers of Portugal Telecom’s television service will be able to consult the subscribed channels and packages, as well as films rented during the current month. This area may have secure access if a protection PIN is configured, it is referred to in a press release.

In addition to news, premieres, news and suggestions, it also allows you to schedule recordings, subscribe to channels or rent a featured movie.

The new Games area has its own interface where games are available which are organized by: Kids (with Moggles and Sudoku Jr); Strategy and Puzzle (with Sudoku, Cosmox and Patience), Board and Arcade (with Drop Duel, Kaboom, Rockswap Adventures and Chess Challenge).