New scheme threatens online security

A new scam is circulating on the Internet, which aims to install malicious software on the PC of users who followed the coordinates of an alleged email from a lawyer from Braga.

The email tells whoever receives it of a favorable order from the court and, supposedly, it encloses the said decision and a proof of payment of the court costs account.

If you access to open the links contained in the message, the user is directed to pages compromised with a supposed installation of Flash Player, as described by David Sopas, a security specialist.

According to the same source, the malware in question downloads files from the Internet, adds and modifies information in the Windows registry and sends traffic with confidential user information to a web site controlled by the attacker. It also acts at the level of the security settings of the Microsoft browser, when this is the option used by the user, modifying its settings, in addition to turning off the Windows Firewall.

The expert, who claims to have reported the case to the authorities, recommends anyone who may have inadvertently installed this malicious software to remove it from the PC. One of the tools you can use to do this is Malwarebytes.

In the email that hides the attempted attack and that TeK also received in his mailbox, there is a brief text referring to the attachments and the detailed contact of the alleged author of the message.

scam email