IPhone 8 / X / Edition mockup

New rumor says that the “iPhone X” will hit stores in the scheduled time, contrary to what was previously suggested

The rumored machine of the coming iPhones do not stop. After having basically exhausted all the features and hardware news foreseen for the next devices, it seems that the major international press seems to have turned its attention to another very important aspect about the gadgets: its availability forecast.

IPhone 8 / X / Edition mockup

A rumor a few weeks ago stated that the “iPhone X” production chain would be delayed and that the device would not reach consumers’ hands until a few weeks (or months) after the launch of the “iPhones 7s / 7s Plus”, which, in the theory, would be simpler to produce because they have many features in common with current iPhones 7/7 Plus. Well, now, another source contradicts this information and says that no, the spectacular iPhone with OLED screen and other new features will hit the shelves with its more modest brothers.

According to DigiTimes, which cites information from the Chinese website Economic Daily News, the “iPhone X” production chain is perfectly aligned and meeting all expected deadlines, with the mass production of the device starting in June – TSMC will start manufacturing wafers silicon for chip mounting A11. This opens the way for the smartphone to be made available in October, along with the other models to be launched.

Apparently, there was a problem in the production of the new device: the manufacture of a new type of circuit board was not yielding the expected results, and so it was speculated that the new iPhone would “delay” (October is when it is expected that new iPhones reach the market, but until Apple announces / promises something, it’s not a “delay” per se). Now, however, the issue seems to have been resolved and consumers will have their new smartphones in their hands at a time that is already common in terms of iPhones – late September or early October.

It is good to remember, however, that this is all speculation – like any information about Apple that does not come out of the figurative mouth of the Apple itself. As for all of this, I say: let’s just wait, and when Tim Cook and his gang have news to tell us, we will be there attentive and excited to find out – as Radiohead would say, with no alarms and no surprises.

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