new rumor points to battery 14% bigger than the 6s

"IPhone 7": new rumor points to battery 14% bigger than the 6s

Here we are with more possible news of what will be the next iPhone and, for the sake of convenience, we’ll call up to second order «IPhone 7» – although I don’t put my hand on the fire for this nomenclature.

This time, @OnLeaks – who has a notable track record of «getting it right» rumors – revealed that Apple’s next prodigal son will come with a bigger battery than his predecessor. According to a source “quite reliable (not 100%, but almost)”, as the vehicle itself says, the “iPhone 7” will carry a battery of 1,960mAh, against the 1,715mAh of the iPhone 6s, representing an increase of approximately 14%.

Although it does not seem like a considerable gain, it is good to remember that, in the transition from iPhone 6 to 6s, the smartphone in fact lost energy capacity, dropping from 1,810mAh to the aforementioned 1,715mAh in the current model, without any noticeable loss in the device’s battery life. In other words, a more capable battery, combined with potential improvements in the system in terms of harnessing and conserving energy – which always happen -, can bring much-awaited good news in relation to the criticized longevity of the iPhone.

If this is all going to happen – and if so, if this change will bring practical benefits to users – we will still wait a few months before finding out.

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