Alleged “iPhone 7 Plus” housing

New rumor points that the next iPhone * will not * have Smart Connector, as previously speculated

As soon as we got into May and the speculation machine about the “IPhone 7” it is already so hot that there is even a rumor denying another rumor. I explain: the Japanese blog Macotakara said today that the next generation of Apple smartphones * will not * come equipped with the Smart Connector, as the leak of a carcass two months ago indicated.

Alleged “iPhone 7 Plus” housing

According to the website, Apple actually considered the inclusion of the three “pins”, introduced in the iPad Pro line and useful for connecting a series of peripherals, such as the Smart Keyboard, but in the end it left the idea aside for an undetermined reason. As the original rumor was not so reliable, it remains to be seen whether Cupertino even thought of including the feature in the “iPhone 7” or if it was not a false alarm.

Anyway, it is more an indication that the next generation of iPhones is with very confused informants: even the extinction of the headphone output, already taken for granted by many people, was questioned because of a leak this week. For me, it’s a great sign, for two reasons: Apple is protecting its top secret projects more and the surprises will be bigger in September.

[via MacRumors]