New PSP could be Sony's return to handheld consoles

New PSP could be Sony's return to handheld consoles

Leak in organ of the Ministry of Economy indicates cartridge of a new PSP from Sony

THE Sony is preparing the PlayStation 5, but this should not be your only release. There are indications of a new PSP. An industrial design record was discovered in the database of the National Institute of Industrial Property, derived from the Ministry of Economy of Brazil. The drawing points development of a cartridge, which indicates the use in a portable device.

After the failure of the PS Vita, would Sony bet on the PSP again?

New PSP could be Sony's return to handheld consolesPSP was popular in the West, but only reached half of the competitor's sales, Nintendo DS

The design of the apparent cartridge named "CONFIGURATION APPLIED TO / IN DATA RECORDING AND STORAGE DEVICE". It is evident that the PS5 does not use a cartridge as a physical media format. So, imagine that Sony is preparing a new PSP (PlayStation Portable).

a risky and contradictory bet, in the face of Sony's latest moves. Despite the design indicating a cartridge, the company stopped producing cartridges for the PS Vita (most recent laptop) in 2018. The design is also different from the UMD, the PSP mini disc.

The success of Nintendo Switch may have sparked Sony's interest in returning to the portable market. The failure of the PS Vita was justified by Sony because of the rise of smartphones, but it did not stop the success of the 3DS and the Switch.

New PSP could be Sony's return to handheld consolesSource: Let’s Go Digital

The design registered with the INPI is not very clear, but raises several theories. Sony can launch a new PSP, trying to make it different from PS Vita. The company could also make a hybrid, like the Switch that uses a cartridge. However, there is another possibility: relaunch of the PSP, facing the wave of the return of old consoles in modern version.

The lessons Sony must learn to launch a new laptop

New PSP could be Sony's return to handheld consolesPS Vita was launched in 2019, but has not been released by Sony for years. Porttil is being discontinued in 2019.

Sony was bold when launching the PSP in 2004, competing with Nintendo, already a veteran in the notebook market. The graphic power of the PSP has raised the bar for portable games, similar to the PS2. Despite its popularity in the West, the PSP sold half of units compared to Nintendo DS. Sony blamed the PSP's graphic power, which was the expectation of success. The developers were slow to launch games, even those in the house. The laptop audience wanted less graphics and more innovation.

O PS Vita was launched in 2011 with a lot of investment from Sony. The power of the hardware has increased: 1 GB of RAM (more than PS3), resolution 4x greater than the PSP, OLED screen of 5 inches. The gameplay innovation was also highlighted: touchscreen, rear touch panel, gyroscope, accelerometer, 3G, two analgesics.

In order not to repeat the error of the PSP, Sony prepared a large number of games in the launch of the PS Vita, greater than the 3DS. However, the story was repeated: the public did not want graphics, they wanted innovation. Not even Sony used the PS Vita features properly. Nintendo kept much of the predecessor hardware for the 3DS, but deployed 3D. She knew how to handle what she had.

Furthermore, PS Vita was more expensive and required expensive add-ons, such as the proprietary memory card. Over the years, PS Vita became a luxury accessory for PS4, express used by Sony itself with crossplay.

If Sony wants to launch a new laptop, it needs to be inspired by Nintendo. The portable public does not want to spend a lot on a device, wanting more innovation than graphics. The cartridge can indicate a more accessible laptop, since this type of media is still welcomed, especially for this niche.

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Source: 4gnews