new product panels in China, display with iPhone features in the US and more

Apple Stores: new product panels in China, display with iPhone features in the US and more

Like several stores and shops in multiple countries, Apple Stores remain closed (except in China) to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

However, we will see some changes that were implemented shortly before the closing of the company’s stores, earlier this month, in the United States. More recently, check out the launch of the new iPad Pro in Chinese stores – the only place where Apple retailers have managed to promote it so far.

Product displays in China

Apple Stores in China gained new panels and artwork that highlight the new iPad Pro, announced a few weeks ago – as well as other products, such as AirPods Pro it’s the iPhone 11 Pro. The banners were updated based on the new promotional images from the Apple Online Store.

Customers are cautiously returning to shopping malls and public spaces in China. As we reported, Apple has taken several measures in response to the advancement of COVID-19 – and, even with the reduction of new cases in Chinese territory, some recommendations are being adopted.

Among these new measures, some locations have multiple tracks that divide buyers from those with an appointment at Genius. Capacity (number of people) was also very low and marks were placed on the floor to encourage social distance. In addition, it is necessary to use a mask and check the temperature to enter stores.

Apple Store Notice in China

In mainland China and Hong Kong, the Today at Apple is still suspended. Two stores in Taipei and two in Macau are currently the only locations in the world with sessions, but with a reduced number of participants.

Display with iPhone features

Earlier this month, prior to the announcement of the closure of all Apple stores outside of China, Apple had deployed a new interactive experience in some US units that invited consumers to «learn about the features that make the iPhone unique».

The new displays contain about 20 iPhones mounted on a black background, with the following highlight: «IPhone can do whaaaat?» («Can the iPhone do what?»).

Until the closure of Apple Stores, the novelty was available only in some Apple stores in the USA, including Apple Fifth Avenue (New York), Apple Palo Alto (California) and Apple Covent Garden (London). There is no information on whether more stores will have the new displays when they reopen.

DC History Center

Apple Carnegie Library facade

In a related note, the Washington Historical Society announced earlier this month that the DC Historic Center (where the Apple store was built) has received about 60,000 visitors since the opening of the Apple Carnegie Library in May last year.

According to the institution, this is 5x the number of visitors that the building received in 2016. More than that, the restoration of the place allowed SHW to coexist in the same space as the Apple Store, mixing history and technology. The Historic Center of DC is home to the Kiplinger Research Library, three galleries and a museum store.

Due to concerns about the Coronavirus, both the Apple Carnegie Library and the Historic Center of DC are closed to the public indefinitely.

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