New Pokémon Rumble Rush Game Coming to iOS and Android Coming Soon

The franchise Pokmon It has reaped very pulpy fruits since it came to mobile devices just remember the momentary phenomenon of Pokmon GO. Now the newest title in the series, called Pokmon Rumble Rush, is about to reach exclusively iOS and Android.

Following the Pokmon Rumble game (released for the ill-fated Wii U in 2009), the new title focuses on a mostly experience single player in which the player explores worlds in search of the famous magic creatures, trains them and places them to fight in exciting battles. There are other elements, such as side missions, battle battles, and more.

The game is specifically designed for mobile platforms and can be played with just one hand. Although it is almost entirely local, there are some aspects to the adventure online: if you are the first person to discover a particular island on a map, you can name it for all other players, for example.

Although Nintendo and developer Ambrella announce the release of Pokmon Rumble Rush for ‚Äúsoon‚ÄĚ, the game has already appeared on Australian Google Play, meaning the title is ready and should be a matter of time before it becomes available in the UK. Application stores around the world.

good to remember that he follows the model free to play ie free, but with paid elements within the game to enhance the experience.


via Cult of Mac