New PlayStation 4 feature, PlayLink will allow you to use your iPhone or other device as a second game screen

Largest and most celebrated international gaming fair in the world, Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 is already rolling in full swing in Los Angeles, United States, and several of the world's leading digital entertainment producers and manufacturers are presenting their big charts for the coming year as Microsoft, which launched the world's most powerful console with the new Xbox One X.

However, the most hearty novelty for us, users of iGadgets and other mobile devices, came from another gaming giant. THE Sony announced at its conference a new feature for the PlayStation 4 that, in the vein of the Wii U, allows players to connect their smartphones or tablets to the console so that the first act as a kind of second screen, complementing the experience. This, ladies and gentlemen, the PlayLink.

Introducing PlayLink, a new PlayStation initiative that aims to see the whole world playing. Supported by iOS and Android.

The feature, available for iOS and Android devices, works through an application that automatically syncs with the PS4 and connects with other potential devices in the same environment that are participating in the game. The main idea behind PlayLink is to work with simpler and more accessible games, based on multiplayer local, with the second screen passing personalized information to each player and expanding the capabilities of the console it will be possible, for example, to use your iPhone's touchscreen or camera to perform a task required by the game.

Only specific titles sold by PlayStation Store will be compatible with or, more specifically, will require PlayLink. Some of them look quite interesting: Hidden Agenda, for example, an investigative game in which characters search for clues to unmask a serial killer; players can vote for decisions on their devices connected via PlayLink, in addition to receiving some of them specific and secret information on the second screen.

PlayLink will be available to all PS4 owners with compatible devices from July 4th, and apps for smartphones and tablets will be free; PlayStation Plus network subscribers will still receive the first game compatible with the feature, called That’s You!.

Sony further states that it is actively working, both internally and with partner developers, to bring a large number of titles compatible with PlayLink in the future. We sincerely hope that it will be true, since the promising feature does not deserve to be played in a short time like other interesting ideas from the Japanese giant or like the Wii U, which obviously is not from Sony but brings a similar proposal. Let's wait and see.

via AppleInsider