New original documentary arrives on Apple Music; service will have series with Reese Witherspoon and content produced by… Drake?

Apple's world domination plan continues in full swing on all fronts including the world of the arts.

This part, of course, is up to the Apple Music: the music platform is more and more filled with original content and, if things continue at the current frenetic pace, Ma will certainly have to rethink its name, as it promises to house products that go far beyond music.

Next, we will talk about three sides of this same expansion plan: one already launched, one recently announced and one that is just a prospectus.

A really weird prospect, incidentally.

Danny Brown

First of all, the documentary Danny Brown: Live at the Majestic.

The original Apple Music film, which premiered last Tuesday (11/11), accompanies the rapper indie (I confess that I didn't even know it existed, but it looks cool) Danny Brown throughout his career steps, interspersing the biographical scenes with images of a concert performed by the musician.

Here is the production trailer:

Danny Brown “Live at the Majestic” is Andrew Cohn's new concert documentary, starring the unique rap star indie Detroit.

The documentary takes you behind the scenes as the famous rapper prepares to take the stage at the Majestic Theater in his hometown.

Like any return to the place where you grew up, the journey is full of hilarious stories about youthful picardias, struggles with a new and more honest assessment of what your home is and a deeper understanding of yourself.

What Cohn delivers is an intimate and poignant conversation with Brown and an entirely interesting rock documentary, including explosive images of the concert.

For those interested, the documentary is already available on Apple Music.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

The second news of the day is the announcement of the second big Apple Music series and when I say big, I mean really big, in the sense of a production with gigantic budget, Hollywood stars and condition to compete with the original series of Netflix and the Amazon (and even traditional producers like HBO and Showtime) at major television awards, such as the Emmy.

According to Hollywood Reporter, after a bidding battle Apple won in an auction for the rights of a series starring Jennifer Anistonstar of Friends, and the Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon.

The actresses will also co-produce the project with Media Res, which will form a partnership with Apple.

Two seasons of ten episodes each are already confirmed.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

The series, inspired by a concept by Michael Ellenberg and based on a book by Brian Stelter, revolves around a group of characters involved in the production of a morning newspaper of great audience in the United States, that is, perhaps we can expect something along the lines of The Newsroom.

Or not: there is still no script written for the series and, therefore, we have no way of saying whether Apple is always so committed to morals and good habits to allow content produced by it to bring subjects and scenes, say, heavier.

We also do not know yet when the series will premiere, considering the initial stages of production, however, it is possible to say that we can wait seated.

It remains to be seen whether this show or the recently announced reboot “Wonderful Stories” that won the race to become Ma’s first “big” series.


The third news is the most undefined and, in a number of ways, the strangest.

Apple is giving carte blanche to a producer to basically do whatever he wants in terms of creating original content for Apple Music.

Who is this producer? No one less than Drake, ladies and gentlemen.


The information came out of a report by Hollywood Reporter, which details the rapper's transition to the world of video entertainment according to his own, the idea is not to abandon music, but to take a sabbatical to focus on other things; among them, film and series projects for Netflix and Apple.

Apparently, the Ma who already very friend of the Canadian who committed "Hotline Bling" it really gave carte blanche to Drake to do as he pleases.

I highlight the excerpt below the original report:

The biggest indication of Drake's Hollywood venture is his partnerships: Steve Golin, director of Anonymous Countent (one of the hottest producers in Hollywood today, responsible for the film Spotlight and by series Mr.

Robot), for a TV series; the movie studio A24 and, perhaps more importantly, Apple, which gave him authorization to produce whatever he wants at least according to Jimmy Iovine in line with the company's intention to rock the world of original content.

In addition to Drake, the report also mentions the rapper Future friend of the Canadian musician as another figure who may also produce original content for Apple in the near future.

Are they the right people to participate in Ma's world domination plan? That, only time will tell.

via iClarified, TechCrunch, Cult of Mac