New Opportunities Site Targeted by Defacement Attack

The website of the New Opportunities initiative, managed by the National Agency for Qualification, was the target of an attack by a hacker who managed to alter the information in the testimonials area. THE “defacement“(page change) is online at least since the 6th of March, Saturday, and it remained unchanged at the time of publication of this piece.

The alert was given by the blog on the 6th, which warned the TeK team about the problem. This morning we contacted the National Qualification Agency to alert them to the situation – which they apparently did not know about, also asking for clarification on the security problem, in an email to which we have not yet received a response.

The attack is said to have been carried out by the hacker who calls himself NEO and has been altering pages on other international government sites, as can be seen in this list by Zone-H, which maintains a cybercrime file, especially of targeted pages. defacements.

The hacker will have managed to enter the Testimonials area, replacing with his signature the name of the personalities invited to leave his impressions about the New Opportunities Initiative, including the national triathlon champion, Vanessa Fernandes.

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We do not know whether other areas of the site have been equally compromised, an issue that we also asked the Agency for Qualification.

It is not the first time that a government agency website has been targeted defacers. Last year, more than 100 attacks, carried out by 31 national and international hackers, will have hit websites of government agencies, companies and personal pages.

Among those targeted were the website of the High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue (ACIDI), but also the page on Adult Education and Training, of the Regional Directorate for Education of the North, of the Ministry of Education; the website of the Regional Scientific and Technological System of the Government of the Azores; a section of the Ministry of Internal Affairs page; the International Relations Office of the Ministry of the Environment; and the Central Administration of the Health System, of the Ministry of Health, among others.

Changing sites, exploiting security holes, is one of the most common activities among hackers and is often based on political objectives, while others are simply intended to highlight existing security problems.

There are even competitions defacement and in 2003, TeK interviewed a group of hackers by email,, which won one of these contests, to understand their motivations.

Fatima Hunter