Possible new in-ear AirPods icon

New noise-canceling AirPods icon found in iOS 13.2 beta [atualizado]

It has become a bit of a tradition for Apple to make some “slips” (I do not doubt that some of them are purposeful) when it releases new beta versions of its various operating systems.

Possible new in-ear AirPods icon

This time, in the recently released iOS 13.2 beta, Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo found an icon of what appears to be new AirPods with active noise cancellation.

The image in question, although not in HD, gives us a good idea of ​​what the design of this new member of the AirPods line might look like. It is possible to observe that the new model will be in-ear (in-ear) and that your “little leg” will be much shorter than the current one.

The references found in the iOS 13.2 beta point out that users will obviously be able to enable or disable noise cancellation as they see fit through something today identified as “focus mode” (“Focus mode”).

Rumors of new noise-canceling AirPods have been around for a long time and, unfortunately, it hasn’t been in its second generation yet that feature landed. On the other hand, the expectation was to see something more in the style of large headphones (supra-auricular style, perhaps), and not something compact like that. Not that it’s bad news, of course.

Still according to the 9to5Mac, this new model of AirPods has internal code B298.

Update Oct 2, 2019 at 15:55

Apparently, it had leaked a while ago pictures of a prototype of these new AirPods that, looking at the icon, were real:

Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, also complemented stating that the new model will be waterproof:

It is possible that these new AirPods will be launched later this year.