New Mavic 2 Series: understand the differences between the two new models

The new drones from DJI, Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom, arrived in two versions and with different functionalities

After the launch of the new DJI drones in New York, at the end of December, the Chinese company made official on Thursday (26), the forecast for sales of the new versions of theMavic 2 Pro and zoom at a press conference in So Paulo, exclusively for the press.

Contrary to rumors regarding the prices of products in Brazil, the new drones will only have the commercial value disclosed in the next quarter of 2018. But in the meantime we can already explore all the features of the two models.

The two drones share the same performance, reaching the maximum speed of 72 Kph or approximately 48 Km / h, and have a flight time of up to 31 minutes. The new transmission system allows the remote control to receive 1080p real-time images from the drone, which can be up to eight kilometers away. 4K video, with a bit rate of 100 mbps, is another highlight.

The two drones share intelligent features, such as the Hyperlapse and ActiveTrack functions, but theDespite the similarities, each one was designed to meet different needs. Check below the features that differentiate them.

Mavic 2 Pro

In order to replace the previous model of great success since its launch, especially for the ability to record in 4k with a foldable device, theMavic 2 its main differential is a high capacity camera.

THE Pro Camera Hasselblad It features a one-inch image sensor, offering excellent image quality and 20 megapixel resolution. Due to the larger sensor, and 28mm equivalent primary lenses, the ISO can go up to 12800, much higher than the previous version. Thus, photos in low light environments reach another level, presenting extremely low noise levels and greater precision in color reproduction.

The Hasselblad Pro Camera, with one-inch image sensor, offers excellent quality and resolution details Hasselblad camera with one inch image sensor.

Unlike the Zoom version, the Mavic 2 Pro uses HNCS technology (Hasselblad's Naural Color Solution) to obtain more natural colors, registering images with a 10-bit color profile, which means greater dynamic range and deeper colors, both for videos and for static images. With 10-bit 4K HDR support, the Mavic 2 Pro it can be connected to a 4K HLG TV and reproduce scenes with the correct tones, even without any editing.

HNCS (Naural Color Solution from Hasselblad)With HNCS (Naural Color Solution from Hasselblad), natural and accurate colors are registered at 20 megapixels.

“Everyone agrees that the best camera is one that you can take anywhere and that is easy to transport. That is how the Pro series became an iconic device in the market, since its launch in September 2016. The camera is a cone in photography and theMavic 2 Pro the first drone to carry a Hasselblad camera ”, commented Raissa Mendes, Brazil and Latam marketing manager at DJI.

Mavic 2 Zoom

Developed especially for videos that need to zoom in or out, the Zoom version maintains the size of the image sensor 1 / 2.3, with emphasis on the Zoom lens, which has a focal length of 24mm-48mm.

The 2X Zoom may not be considered a differentiator, but after using it it is possible to notice the results and dynamic perspectives that the drone's camera offers. With the feature, captures achieve perfect compositions in long-distance photos.

Zoom side keeps the image sensor size 1 / 2.3Zoom back maintains the image sensor size 1 / 2.3.

Another feature of Mavic 2 Zoom O Dolly Zoom, also known as the Vertigo effect. The new functionality allows the zoom to be applied while the drone flies in the opposite direction to the selected object. The result is an effect of approaching the background while the camera moves backwards. That is, while the main subject remains the same, the background image becomes broader.

O Mavic 2 Zoom it also supports the Super Resolution features, which create 48 megapixel images when taking a photo with a field of view equivalent to 24 mm, the Enhanced HDR, which records in high dynamics with 13 exposures in each image, and the “HyperLight” feature that an HDR optimized for low light situations.

Super resolution, exclusive to Mavic 2 Zoom, makes it possible to take a photo with the equivalent in 24 mmSuper resolution, exclusive to Mavic 2 Zoom, makes it possible to take a photo with the equivalent of 24 mm.

“With Zoom averse you can make videos of objects over a long distance, capturing highlights and lowlights more precise, such as at dawn and dusk, moments preferred by photographers. ”, said Raissa.

Comparison table

Weight907 grams905 grams
Image Sensor1 inch1 / 2.3 Inch
Resolution20 megapixels12 megapixels
Optical zoomX2X
Color ProfileMore than 1 billion colors16 miles of colors
ISO100 – 12800100-3200
Dolly ZoomXIt has
HDR Photo14 EV13 EV
SuperResXIt has
HDR VideoIt hasX

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