New MacBooks Pro would already be in production with news, according to rumors

Awaited for the beginning of this year, the new MacBooks Pro may already be in production, according to the AppleInsider.

Apparently, they should already be about to be launched, but a correction that had to be carried out on the new Intel processors ended up delaying the availability of the new models, whose forecast for launch on March 1.

MacBooks Pro Family

In addition to the new processors and GPUs, some more news is expected for the next generation of professional Apple notebooks.

According to rumors, it has changed the type of aluminum used in the construction of notebooks, to give greater durability and reduce their weight by up to 20%.

A new technology would also be in use in the production of batteries, which should provide autonomy of up to 12 hours for models of 13 inches and 11 hours for models of 15 and 17 inches.

For custom configurations, Apple may also be able to make some changes, such as offering high-resolution screens for all models and also the option of replacing the SuperDrive with an SSD.

The concepts for this are coming from what was learned with the MacBook Air, which only operates with solid state storage and may be serving as an “inspiration” for the company's other laptops.

The machines are also expected to be more affordable, starting at $ 1,100 for 13-inch models, $ 1,550 for 15-inch models and $ 2,100 for 17-inch models.