MacBooks Pro users continue to experience firmware problems with new SATA drives

New MacBooks Pro users report problems with 7,200 revolutions per minute hard drives

Cheaper to order purchase with a new MacBook, 7,200 revolutions per minute hard drives are quickly being adopted by Apple customers, with options of up to 500GB of storage. However, the novelty is also causing problems for a significant number of users, who have already opened discussions in the company's support forums alleging strange noises and loss of performance.

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The video above tries to give an idea of ​​what is going on with these machines. Apparently, it makes no difference whether they have another external drive connected or not. Although some solutions have been suggested among them to restart the PRAM, nothing is solving the problem.

This type of anomaly can be very annoying in certain tasks, for example when the computer needs to make sequential use of reading and writing in video editions or batch image processing. As the noise can come from opposite sides of the notebook, which may be causing this problem is still unknown, but some users suggest that it is some incompatibility of the HD's gravitational protection system (the Sudden Motion Sensor, which protects them from falling) with MacBooks Pro.

For now, Apple has not commented on this matter. Laptops with 5,400 RPM hard drives, in turn, are functioning normally.

(Via: MacNN.)