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New MacBooks Air May Come With Retina Display, “Kaby Lake” Processors, Lowest Price

Apple recently updated its line of professional notebooks (?), But MacBooks Cheaper products have been in need of updates for some time. Well, according to this rumor circulated by Economic Daily News (Google Translate), this wait may be days off, but maybe not the way you're waiting.

According to the newspaper, Ma would be planning a new version of the MacBook Air even cheaper than the current one, with prices below $ 1,000. The big news of this new generation would be the entry of the 13 "Retina display instead of the low resolution panels currently used which the newspaper does not say for sure if this new line would continue to be called" MacBook Air ", if it would be a new model. MacBook or something totally different.

The pertinent doubt is that, by description, the model (or models) would bring features of the two lines.

The fact that, according to the information gathered, Apple would have chosen to equip the possible new machines with the "sub-generation" Intel processors. Kaby lake, released in the second half of last year. In this case, “choice” would not be quite the right word, since Ma basically would have been forced to adopt the processors of this generation with the latest postponement of processors. Cannon lake, which will only arrive later in 2019.

Still, the new generation of processors could bring considerable performance gain to the new machines compared to current MacBooks Air and an even bigger leap compared to the low voltage 12-chip MacBooks Retina. The generation Kaby lake features four core i5 and i7 chips with base speeds between 1.6GHz and 1.9GHz and Turbo boost 3.4GHz to 4.2GHz, plus integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics.

Let's wait for the next few months to know if these predictions come true, therefore. That would be good news, but would it be that Apple is really calling that much to their computers? To see.

via AppleInsider