New MacBook Pro from the top with Touch Bar

New MacBook Pro has “removable” SSD; understand why generation is limited to 16GB of RAM

It does not hurt to repeat here, after all this detail may have gone unnoticed by many people. This week, Apple released new MacBooks Pro which bring, among other things, two very interesting news: the Touch Bar (which replaces the function keys on the top of the keyboard with something much more versatile) and the Touch ID (to unlock your Mac, quickly access system settings and blocked notes, switching users, etc.).

New MacBook Pro from the top with Touch Bar

But these news ended up making the MacBook Pro more expensive than the previous version. And, to offer a “more affordable” option, Apple tried to create a model with leaner specifications, also taking the Touch Bar, Touch ID and two of the four Thunderbolt 3 ports. This entry-level MacBook Pro is the only one that is currently on sale (the other 13 ″ and 15 ″ models with Touch Bar / Touch ID will only hit the market in a few weeks), so we’ve even seen a benchmark his – not very encouraging, it’s true.

Usually, iFixit (repair company) is the first to get their hands on new Apple releases in order to get to know what’s new inside. This time, however, Other World Computing was the one who volunteered to do this task and show us some of the new features of the machine.

Disassembling the 13

Although it is not as complete and thorough a disassembly as iFixit’s (it will probably still do hers), OWC discovered a very interesting detail: the module SSD is removable – although it is not an easy task to do this due to the MacBook Pro structure which is better closed, the fact of having to remove the speakers to put the SSD back, the module having a very strong tape covering the interface, etc.

Disassembling the 13

This is good news for a simple reason: it will be possible to upgrade the machine’s storage capacity after purchase, something that was even possible on previous models, but it was still a complicated task. It is worth noting that we are talking about the 13 ″ MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar and Touch ID. The models with these features, obviously, are differentiated and do not necessarily have the same internal structure – even because of the new components.

RAM limited to 16GB

The storage capacity of these new MacBook Pro has doubled. Now, users can customize the machine at the time of purchase and place up to 2TB (which costs a whopping $ 800 in the US). But RAM remains limited to 16 GB.

Asked about the matter by a user intrigued by the limitation, Phil Schiller (senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple) replied that more than 16GB of RAM would require a memory system that would consume much more energy and would not be efficient enough for a notebook. That is, the limitation has to do with the battery life, which would fall well (the batteries of the new MacBooks Pro offer up to 10 hours of life).

For the vast majority of users 8GB is enough, let alone 16GB. But the big question here is that the MBP is – or should be, as its name implies – a machine created and designed for professionals, who need something portable but at the same time very capable. Undoubtedly, for many this 32GB option will be missed – especially when compared to desktop solutions.

I am a bit spiteful, but I can’t help commenting. It also bothers me a lot that Apple doesn’t offer a dedicated GPU on the professional 13-inch model. Now, not even the 15 ″ entry model has one – only top-of-the-line [correção: a Apple, agora, oferece GPU dedicada para todos os modelos de 15 polegadas]. This is unacceptable for a machine that has “Pro” in its name – something that Apple could have corrected in this new generation, but which has remained the same. ?

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