MacBook Air FaceTime HD camera

New MacBook Air owners complain about poor quality FaceTime HD camera

Launched just over a month ago, the new MacBook Air may (or may not) represent what Apple customers expected from the update of Apple’s most beloved notebook line: new processors, Retina display, Touch ID, among others. However, as not everything is flowers, something has bothered the lives of some owners of this machine: FaceTime HD camera.

This question came up after a post on the Apple discussion forum, in which a user questioned the quality of the FaceTime HD camera when he noticed that the photos registered with the notebook were very blurry and worse than those taken with the front camera of his iPhone 7.

Although the MacBook Air’s FaceTime HD camera is not exactly the same as the iPhone 7 (the first records in 720p, while the last in 1080p), the fact is that more than 200 people also found the same problem, initiating an extensive discussion in the forum. Another user suggested that it appears to be caused by the camera’s sensor or software.

MacBook Air FaceTime HD cameraImage taken with the FaceTime HD camera on the new MacBook Air.

I have the 2018 Air just a day ago and the problem was there the first time I tested the camera. What I can also confirm is that the lens is physically clear. The blur is uniform in all regions of the image and does not depend on ambient lighting, so it is definitely from the resolution of the sensor or the software instead of the optics.

The image above was published by the user Laflaqua in the discussion topic. See that it is quite grainy and even blown up in some spots, while others are quite dark – which goes against the Apple advertisement, which claims that you can see “details” of the person through the FaceTime HD camera.

Some users have compared these images with those recorded by the previous model of the notebook and found that they are even worse – if that is possible. In this case, a user reported that he preferred Apple to indicate the actual resolution quality of the camera’s sensor.

I totally agree with that. I’ll be more than happy and I won’t be busy posting here if the 2018 MacBook Air specs say it’s a 480p camera. The MacBook Air camera from early 2015 is much better than the MacBook Air from 2018.

Some Apple moderators have posted tips that can help solve the “problem”, but so far no user has claimed that they have solved anything. It is unclear (no pun intended) whether this issue could be corrected with a software update or a recall would be necessary.

Could this be the beginning of #cameragate?

via 9to5Mac