New Mac Pro starts to be sold in Brazil; prices start at R $ 56,000 and go up to R $ 439,200

Apple’s new professional workstation – presented at WWDC19 – went on sale in the United States last December. In fact, its tower version; The rack it arrived a little later, in mid-January. Here in Brazilian lands, Anatel approved the machines a few days ago[tower;[torre;rack].

Apparently everything was ready for the beginning of sales here, after all, the two models of the new Mac Pro are now available for purchase in Brazil.

New Mac Pro inside

As we already mentioned, the Mac Pro tower model costs from R $ 56,000.00 up to 12x (paying in cash, it costs R $ 50,400). In its maximum configuration, with absolutely everything that is entitled (including the wheels to make the computer more “portable”), the machine leaves R $ 438,400 (or R $ 394,560 in cash).

Mac Pro rack version

The model rack costs from R $ 60,000 (R $ 54,000 in cash); at maximum setting, it exits for R $ 439,200 (or R $ 395,280 in cash).

Remembering that the Pro XDR Display it has been on sale here since December, since the monitor did not need to pass Anatel’s evaluation.

Apple Pro Front XDR Display

Here are the prices: R $ 45,000 with standard glass, R $ 54,000 in version Nano-Texture, R $ 8,700 by the Pro Stand and R $ 1,700 by the VESA mounting adapter – as always, if the payment is in cash, the customer has 10% discount on these values.