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New Mac Pro is even “cheap” compared to competing tough workstations

Apart from perhaps its “cheese grater” style design (which is a kind of return to the days of the Power Mac G5 and early Macs Pro), there is little to criticize about the new Mac pro. Apple is meeting all the needs of the truly professional audience with an extremely sturdy and customizable machine.

But of course there's the question of price. We have already shown here that the new Mac Pro, if configured to the maximum and with six XDR Pro Displays, could cost about $ 92,000 in the United States or an unimaginable $ 690,000 here in Brazil. Of course, this is in the thickest scenario of all.

However, whether it's the most basic configuration (say, an incoming Mac Pro plus an XDR Pro Display with its Pro Stand = $ 12,000, or probably around $ 90,000 around here) or maybe at an intermediate $ 30,000 / $ 225,000, The fact is that, as we said in the previous article and we also discussed a lot in our podcast last night (coming out later today), this machine is for "none of us". for professionals and especially businesses that really need all that firepower, and already spend thousands (or millions) of dollars on equipment.

It's a big mistake to think that this product for “consumers”:

Or much less that Apple wants to “add value to your brand”:

There are also those who already understand the proposal and the target audience here:

I tell you more: the new Mac Pro at “cheap” compared to competing tough workstations. Look:

People complaining about the price of Mac Pro are comparing but with oranges (hah). One workstation and one Dell desktop workstation can exceed $ 100,000.

Apple is simply the only company that makes a fancy presentation of its workstations to the press.

And that is no exaggeration. Here's a custom version of the Dell Precision 7920 Desktop Workstation with similar specifications as a high-end Mac Pro:

Dell Workstation Customized Similar to New Mac Pro

Yes, that's it: almost $ 74,000. And you can go much further.

Similar situation with HP Z8 line:

HP Workstation Configured Similar to High-End Mac Pro

$ 50,000 for a sturdier Mac Pro-like setup.

While this is a wonderful consumer dream, this new Mac Pro is not intended for more than 99 percent of the Apple consumer audience, which demonstrates the deep attention the company is returning to the truly professional segment. Not even the thousands of developers in the WWDC19 auditorium are, for the most part, the audience for this product, which shows that perhaps the way this new Mac Pro was introduced was the company's biggest footstep.

Being able to play for a few minutes at one of these in an Apple Store will be too big for me in the future. 😊