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New Mac Pro can now be configured with 8TB SSD and goes to $ 53,800 [atualizado]

Until last week, the new Mac pro custom on the stalk was up to $ 52,600 or $ 429,000 in Brazil. But, as we noted in that subject, it could only be configured with a SSD from up to 4TB; the option of 8TB it was marked "soon," and it arrived today.

In the United States, upgrading from the ridiculous original 256GB to 4TB SSD cost $ 1,400; to go to 8TB, just now $ 2,600. This difference causes the new configurable maximum maximum to $ 53,800, therefore.

In Brazil we do not have this value yet, but it is not difficult to estimate. Upgrading from 256GB to 4TB here will cost $ 11,200, and we anticipate that for 8TB will be $ 16,000 therefore taking the total value of workstation in our country to R $ 433,600.

Obviously, one should not look at these values ​​and widen one's eyes as if Apple had lost its mind. We made a video about it, also last week:

And the thing won't stop there; Apple also promises soon two new graphics card options: one AMD Radeon Pro W5700X with 16GB GDDR6 memory or two Radeon Pro W5700X with 16GB GDDR6 memory each. We'll see how much these beauties will cost. πŸ˜‰

via 9to5Mac

Update 12/20/2019 10:13 AM

O Tecnoblog managed to confirm the price of the upgrade to 8TB in Brazil and it will be even higher than we imagined: R $ 20,800, thus leading the total to R $ 438,400.