New Mac Pro and XDR Pro Display to be sold this Tuesday

As Saturday turned to Sunday, Apple began firing emails to those who had signed up on the new Mac Pro and asked to be notified when she had news about product availability.

We already know that he, next to the Pro Display XDR, would hit the market in December but now we have a specific date: as of this Tuesday, December 10th, both will be available for purchase (at least in the United States).

At this point in the championship, well, it is quite capable that some people selected by Apple already have their test units for review as the case of the YouTuber Marques “MKBHD” Browlee, of tweet above.

The new Mac Pro starts at $ 6,000 in the United States (eight-core Intel Xeon W processor configuration, 32GB RAM and 256GB SSD), while the XDR Pro Display comes out at $ 5,000 in its normal version without stand (which alone cost $ 1,000).

We still do not know when this pair will arrive in Brazil, but we already estimate that both configured to the maximum possible could cost more than half a million reais.