New Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are now on sale in the US

After an announcement in the dead of night last weekend, professional Apple users can now raise their hands to the sky and ask for mercy for their bank accounts: o Mac Pro it’s the Pro XDR Display are already on sale in the United States.

As already announced, the computer starts from $ 6,000 in its initial configuration – which has an Intel Xeon W processor with eight cores and 3.5GHz, as well as 32GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD and an AMD Radeon Pro 580X graphics card.

At the Brazil, this same model will cost from R $ 56,000 (or R $ 50,399.10, in cash), with a special version for racks – which will cost from US $ 6,500 in the USA – starting from R $ 60,000.

Now we can also know the price that Apple will charge for the machine configured on the stem. Per $ 52,200, you get the new Mac Pro with an Intel Xeon W processor with 28 cores and 3.5GHz, 1.5TB of RAM, 4TB SSD (8TB version coming soon), two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics cards and one accelerator plate Afterburner. Does anyone want to risk how much this beauty will cost here in Brazil?

Oh yes: by default, the new Mac Pro comes with pre-installed metal feet. If you want to exchange them for the wheels, which were demonstrated in the original keynote, they are more $ 400 just kidding.

Pro XDR Display

The Pro Display XDR, in turn, comes out $ 5,000 in its standard configuration without the Pro Stand – that costs $ 1,000 extras, or you can choose a VESA adapter that costs $ 200. We also have the monitor in version Nano-Texture, with totally matte surface and anti-reflective treatment, which comes out $ 6,000 (also without the Pro Stand, remember).

Interestingly, as it does not depend on Anatel approval, the monitor is now available for purchase in Brazil. Here are the prices: R $ 45,000 with standard glass, R $ 54,000 in version Nano-Texture, R $ 8,700 by the Pro Stand and R $ 1,700 by the VESA mount adapter.

THE AppleCare + Mac Pro runs for $ 300, while AppleCare + Pro Display XDR will cost $ 500 – both extend the warranty time to a total of three years and offer protection against possible accidental damage.

All products are available immediately in the US Apple Online Store, so lucky people who take the scorpion out of their pocket will receive their new machines and monitors in a few days. The good news is that if you have an Apple Card, you will be entitled to 6% cashback on hardware purchases made at the Apple Store this year. ?

It remains to be seen, now, when the new Mac Pro will arrive here. Would it be the forecast of half a million reais for its conservative top-of-the-line configuration? We’ll see.