New Mac Pro already has supposed release date

THE Hardmac decided to update its information about the Mac Pro update scheduled for the next few weeks and stated (according to its “safe sources”) that it already has a date to occur.

Based on estimates of the launch of the new Intel Xeon processors, Apple's new professional desktop will appear on the market until March 16 curiously, a Tuesday.

The forecast for the launch of new Intel processors appears to be a bit confusing, but at least one of them will be available up to six with six processing cores, the Mac Pro will probably support up to two of them running at 3.33GHz, but capable of reaching 3.6GHz with Turbo Boost technology.

In this case, it would be intended only for a top-of-the-line desktop model, but it would also contribute to reducing the price of configurations with two four-core processors.

Another topic raised by Hardmac the possibility of the machine really bringing a new look, both external and internal.

An interesting novelty in this regard would be the possibility of installing the operating system and applications on a high capacity SSD (due to its read / write speed), something that is already possible in Xserves.