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New Lutris 0.5 Beta arrives with GOG integration and lots of news

Last Friday (4), the staff responsible for the Lutris launched the second beta of the game manager and the Wine, where it brings new improvements and integrations with some stores, such as GOG, Steam and HumbleBundle.

For those not yet familiar with the Lutris project, in a nutshell, he does just about everything about the Linux gaming business, as you can manage your Steam games through it, as well as install video games. (Origin, Uplay and Blizzard) and single stores, as well as you can install SNES, N64, PS1, PS2 and PS3, Atari 2600, among others, in a single interface, thus facilitating management.

After Proton's release, its improvements eventually came to other projects, such as Wine, and now the staff of Lutris It also began to redesign its application, improving integration with the tool created by Valve, making available with the new version of Lutris integration with the latest versions of Proton …

Lutris News

One of the big news from Lutris .05 Beta is the ability to connect your GOG account and manage your wool games through the app, as GOG Galaxy (the GOG manager) does not have a native version for Linux, but that in some cases it runs via Wine. Also new is that you can see how much time you spend within a game or platform, practically a way to see how addicted you are in the games.

With these refinements and improvements that were implemented throughout 2018 and with this new year full of news, we can expect many good things, in addition to having the new releases. Wine 4.0, Kernel 5.0 and the Drivers NVIDIA 415 series, in addition to TABLE Driver 18.3 to OMG and Intel, further enhancing support for the VULKAN, bringing performance enhancements.

Another interesting and exciting new feature is a new project called DXUP, which may bring Dx9 into the world of DXVK, as Proton's current mode of operating games in older versions of DirectX to OpenGL, but we will cover this in more detail later. .

If you want to download Lutris Beta 0.5, go to GitHub of them, there you will find, besides the source code, .deb packages, compatible with Ubuntu, Linux Mint and derivatives. To install just double click.

Tell us in the comments what you think about this Lutris makeover and if you use it or intend to use it.

Until the next post, strong hug.


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