Google collects your location even if you turn the feature off

New look for Google Maps is released for iOS and Android users

Honestly, the Google nor would you have to make an effort to ensure your Maps as the best map service on the planet: with Apple's sluggishness, chances are that it would still take a few decades for Ma to get close to its main competitor in terms of coverage, adoption and quality. Still, from time to time we have some news in the Maps app to satisfy our need for changes, right?

Perhaps that's why Google recently launched a renewal for its map service app. We have no profound change here, but an interesting addition: the new tab "To you", which replaces the old “Explore” section and offers recommendations for restaurants, cafes and points of interest close to your location. The tab also contains lists based on current events curated by places grouped by type (for example, bars to see the World Cup).

Google Maps

Also present in the update, is a slight redesign of the app, which now has the new standard Google font, called Product Sans, and a closer face to its new interface guidelines, which will arrive with full steam on Android “P "That is, more white areas, more rounded corners, more" sliding cards "and elements based on real-world physics laws as promised at the Google I / O event.

As you certainly know, Google Maps for iOS can be downloaded or updated for free on the App Store. The changes have also come to Android.

Google Maps app icon - traffic & food

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