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New Linux Kernel Comes with Enhancements to AMD GPUs

Linux kernel implementations for AMD graphics hardware.

After OMG Beginning to distribute their driver directly in the Linux Kernel, the company's hardware owners have been getting performance improvements and new implementations with each release. noticeable the evolution of AMDGPUOpen Source driver, compared to the proprietary and deprecated Catalyst / fglrx alternative. It seems that AMD has been paying more attention to the Linux platform. amd-gpu-freesync-linux-driver

Scheduled for mid-March this year, Linux Kernel version 5.0 is packed with news for AMD users.

One of them is support for FreeSync and Adaptive-Sync, which aids in the removal of delays and variations in framerates, dynamically adapting the refresh rate. Resulting in a smooth and hassle free gameplay such as: Tearing and ghosting, the screen trails in the gameplay. O Freesync was announced in 2014 to compete with its competitor G-sync, Nvidia technology, which basically has the adaptive synchronization function, avoiding screen rips. Adaptive-Sync is already a specification of DisplayPort and HDMI, developed by the international organization VESA, which aims to standardize the operation of video peripherals in computers.

FreeSync uses Adaptive-Sync protocols in conjunction with hardware and software to provide more smooth, low-latency, distortion-free hardware that supports it.

Other AMD technologies incorporated in Kernel 5.0 are: Adaptive Backlight Management, which reduces the backlight level to save power by increasing pixel contrast and brightness for readability and quality. It's the ROCm, which is responsible for the interaction between CPU and GPU, increasing the performance of computational tasks. The kernel will provide ROCm support for Polaris architecture graphics input processors on RX 400 series, and architecture Vega 12.

So we can expect improvements for users of AMD GPUs on Linux, with features not previously available on AMDGPU.

And do you have any AMD video cards? Have or would like to buy a monitor with FreeSync? Leave your opinion in the comments, we want to know your experience with the AMD platform on Linux.

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