New Linux 3.14 Kernel will hack UEFI

Secure Boot is no longer as "Secure" so it's a problem for those who don't want to use Windows 8.

Secure Boot Is Not Another Problem

Good new Linux users, Kernel Linux 3.14, the next version to be released, will be able to bypass Secure Boot from the new UEFI computers instead of the BIOS.

Secure Boot with Linux

The new kernel bring the call kexec () to put it simply, allow any operating system to boot, ie "Secure this Boot has nothing".

For more information about Kexec () see this Phoronix link, Apparently future versions of distros that come equipped with the new kernel version will not have much work to go through UEFI. Source and more information. Want to stay on top of everything that happens here? So enjoy our page on FACEBOOK, follow the blog at TWITTER – Also follow our writers Founder of blog and channel Diolinux, passionate about technology and games.