New line of MacBooks Pro could cost between $ 1,200 and $ 2,500 in the United States [atualizado 2x]

As if all the information that keeps popping up about the new MacBooks Pro was not enough, the 9 to 5 Mac updated a post from Friday with possible SKUs / part numbers and prices for Apple's new line of professional laptops.

MacBooks Pro aside with game

It is supposed to look like this:

  • MC700LL / A-SKU # 9755322 – 13 inch – $ 1,200
  • MC724LL / A-SKU # 9755395 – 13 inch – $ 1,500
  • MC721LL / A-SKU # 1535836 – 15 inch – $ 1,800
  • MC723LL / A-SKU # 1535845 – 15 inch – $ 2,200
  • MC725LL / A-SKU # 1535918 – 17 inch – $ 2,500

The values ​​match the current ones, but there would be a model less than 15 ″, and the only different would be 17 ″ for US $ 200 more than today.

To further corroborate the rumors, several renowned retail chains in Europe are out of stock of the current MBP models and are expected to receive new batches next week. Some UK stores are also not accepting product reservations.

Time to read a little about what we have recently talked about new machines, right?

It seems that this week does not pass.

Update (s 18h01)

Adding even more fuel to the fire, the AppleInsider states that some European resellers have been told they would receive “sealed packages” from Apple this week, and that they should remain so until further notice. The boxes can start arriving tomorrow morning.

Update II (20h09)

Now (almost) for real! The reader Jos Navas Junior noted well that Apple Online Stores worldwide were updated today, now with a 3-5 day forecast for shipping all MacBook Pro models.

See an edited screenshot of the Brazilian store:

MacBooks Pro at the Apple Online Store

I don't think we need any more confirmation.