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New line of HP accessories arrives in Brazil

Expansion of the portfolio is aimed at retail and brings news with a line of accessories that innovate in design, security and collaboration

smt-AcessoriosHP-P1After the launch of the Zbook, the new line of HP accessories marks another expansion movement for the company in the national market.

HP recently launched its new line of Zbook workstations on the national market. On the occasion, the company representatives emphasized the company's intensity of expanding itsproduct portfolio, also bringing a lineup of HP accessories, to give more visibility to the company in Brazil.

Among the novelties, the company is bringing wireless mice, speakers with Bluetooth technology, headphones, head-sets and briefcases and backpacks for notebooks.HP will marketthese products on the same channels through which you sell PCs and printers, distributors, retailers and online stores.

HP Roar Plus Wireless Speaker on desktopThe HP Roar Plus Wireless speaker is one of the highlights of the premium line of HP accessories.

Until then, the HP accessories was more restricted to the corporate market and to products complementary to the personal computer lines, such as docking stations, memories and hard drives. The company's new positioning aims to gain space among ordinary consumers.

Among the new products that the company makes available for retail sales, there are entry and premium models. As an example we have the mice, which start from the suggested price of 33 reais and the speaker with Bluetooth Roar Plus, the most complete model among the new speakers and which has a suggested price of R $ 1,350.

Check out a brief description and the suggested price for some of the products in the new line of HP accessories.

  • USB mouse X900 black
    • Features: Connection via USB, three buttons and optical sensor that works on different surfaces.
    • Suggested price: R $ 32.90
  • Z3200 wireless mouse
    • Features: Ambidextrous format, Windows friendly, with optical sensor with Blue LED technology, which allows its use on various surfaces, including marble, granite and even carpets. Available in silver, black and white.
    • Suggested price: R $ 129,00
  • X3000 wireless mouse
    • Features: Rounded shape that promotes comfort. Nano receiver takes up less USB space and is stored inside the mouse. Available in red, black, gray and white.
    • Suggested price: R $ 89,00
  • Z6000 wireless mouse
    • Features: Bluetooth mouse with touch keys and elegant design. Available in white.
    • Suggested price: R $ 339.00
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Kit
    • Features: Dirt-resistant, with a 2.4 GHz wireless micro receiver.
    • Suggested price: R $ 199.00
  • Intra headset H2310
    • Features: Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones, MP3 players and tablets. With built-in microphone. Available in red, black and gray.
    • Suggested price: R $ 99.00
  • Intra H1000 Headset
    • Features:Full and broad spectrum sound.
    • Suggested price: R $ 49.00
  • HeadSet l H2800
    • Features:Full and broad spectrum sound. Foldable and easy to store. Available in black, orange, purple, white and blue.
    • Suggested price: R $ 134.90
  • Speaker 2.0 USB Compact
    • Features: Higher volume levels and a wider frequency response than most speakers integrated into notebooks and desktops. USB connection.
    • Suggested price: R $ 79.00
  • Speaker Mobile Bluetooth S6500
    • Features: Connection via cable or via Bluetooth, battery lasting more than 10 hours.
    • Suggested price: R $ 199.00
  • Mini Roar bluetooth speaker
    • Features: Portable, synchronizes up to two Bluetooth simultaneously. Available in white and orange.
    • Suggested price: R $ 339.00
  • Roar Travel bluetooth speaker
    • Features: Special speaker for travel, built-in power pack that guarantees up to 20 hours without recharging, in addition to having a power bank that can charge your smartphone.
    • Suggested price: R $ 879.00
  • Speaker Mobile Bluetooth Roar
    • Features: With Smart Amp technology, which offers stronger bass and maintains the clarity of 80dB sound. Available in blue and white.
    • Suggested price: R $ 759.00
  • Speaker Mobile Bluetooth Roar Plus
    • Features: With Smart Amp technology, it allows connection with two other Roar Plus to reach the total stereo E / D; With speakerphone, microphone and noise canceling functionality, 95dB sound pressure.
    • Suggested price: R $ 1349.00
  • Merit notebook case
  • Sport Notebook Backpack
  • Gray Notebook Backpack
    • Features: Available in gray and black.
    • Suggested price: R $ 369.00

The products in the new HP accessories are now available for sale through the traditional retailer chain and the HP store.