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New Launcher 3.0: Update Brings New Customization Options [APK]

O New It is one of the most popular launchers on Android (in our survey, it was the winner) and already offers numerous customization possibilities. O update to version 3.0While not bringing any radical change, it integrates many improvements.

new launcher teaser
TeslaCoil Software

The start screen will become much more customizable: Text below app shortcuts can receive colors and shadow effects. The distance between widgets is no longer fixed and can be freely chosen. Folders now support gesture controls, and a new Honeycomb-style Google search bar has been added. In addition, the navigation bar is now also transparent in the application drawer.

In the app drawer, apps can be grouped by colorful labels. Tabs and groups can also be separated by colors. Bug fixes for various devices have been announced: on Samsung smartphones the shortcut to Bluetooth settings works again, for example. Finally, the Today Calendar Now always shows the current day in the app cone, a very interesting detail.

new launcher 3 folder honeycomb search app drawer transparency
The left Google search is the transparent (right) navigation bar. / AndroidPIT

Anyone who wants to try out the news should join the Beta tester group, or simply download the APK here.

Nova Launcher
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