New keyboard for iOS 8 automatically translates everything you write

Imagine the following scenario: you need to translate a sentence into German on your iPhone. What is the easiest way to do this? You can, for example, open the browser and access a translation service or download a specific app for that.

Now, thanks to the possibility of installing third party keyboards on iOS 8, there is an option that many may find even easier: a keyboard that automatically translates what you type.

Translator Keyboard app icon

It goes without saying that everything is simple and practical in the Translator Keyboard. s download the app / keyboard, make language adjustments and quit typing. In longer sentences the translation is never 100% perfect, but this is not a problem with Translator Keyboard, but with all these online translation services. In addition, the keyboard look is not one of the best.

Still, without a doubt, he is a hand in the wheel if you are a person who needs to translate a word or phrase on the iPhone with some frequency.

(via MacRumors)