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New jailbreak tool launches with iOS 13 support

Fans of jailbreak who have upgraded to iOS 13, this time for you! Hacker Kim Jong has released a new beta (public) version of his tool checkra1nwhich is compatible with most devices running from iOS 12.3 to version 13.2.2, available last week.

Checkra1n takes advantage of Apple hardware breach discovered last September by hacker axi0mX, which launched a tool to exploit it called checkm8. As we have reported, software for jailbreak that are based on this method will be compatible with any version of iOS in the gadgets equipped with A5 to A11 chips.

Like any beta version, checkra1n is still under development and may have some issues during installation, so it is recommended that you do not do this on your primary device. Also, as the tool supports two different versions of iOS, there are likely to be some tweaks that will work only on the latest version of the system.

Checkra1n beta 0.9 is now available at! This is an early release and as such you should not run it on a primary device. Read the FAQ on the website for additional information. reddit: reddit/r/jailbreak/co

Regarding hardware compatibility, the current beta version of checkra1n can be installed on all iPhones from the 5s (including support for this experimental-only model) to the X on the tablet side, as well as preliminary iPad mini 2/3 support It's iPad Air, but the tool is not compatible with iPad Air 2, the fifth generation iPad, and the first generation iPad Pro at this time.

Checkra1n is compatible with the popular file manager tweaks Cydia, but the tool does not yet support all of its packages. Also important to note is that checkra1n is a tool for jailbreak semi-tethered, which means you need to connect your device to your Mac every time you restart it.

If you are interested in trying out the news, you can download the software from jailbreak (only available for macOS) on this site and, if necessary, follow the blog installation guide iClarified.

tip of Anderson Silva