New IT proposal targets senior population

The “Activo PC Sénior” initiative is on the market, a new offer for the senior population that brings together a website with information and content, software and computers.

Promoted by Inforlandia, together with Microsoft Portugal, Caixa Geral de DepĂłsitos (CGD), the Network of Universities of the Third Age (RUTIS) and INSYS, the initiative provides for the availability of four models of computers, with prices around 600 euros.

Laptops, “designed from the ground up for the senior public”, the promoters refer, reach the market in two ways: the exclusive sale of three models of computers to Caixa Geral de Depósitos customers and the sale of a fourth model of laptop, called “PC Sénior Virtual”, aimed at RUTIS students and teachers.

The acquisition is made through CGD’s branches and through the RUTIS page created for this purpose, in the case of PC Sénior Virtual.

The four PCs can be purchased in cash or through financing models, made available by CGD, through a monthly credit payment method.

Insys Laptop

Regarding the configuration of the machines, the notebooks integrate the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, the Office 2007 personal productivity application package, the Home and Office version and the Student version (in the case of the model sold by RUTIS) and learning software .

“The growth of the Portuguese senior population creates a challenge: to keep this group of individuals active and integrated in society and in their family nuclei. Based on this premise and also the recognition of the growing importance of the Senior market fringe (…) a initiative designed to bring technology to age groups who will be less familiar with information technologies and who maintain an interest and appetite for learning and strengthening skills for their professional activity, personal knowledge and connection to their family nucleus “, says Inforlandia in a press release.