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New iPod touch remains a tough fix to fix

The Ritual: A New Apple Product Launched, and People Continuously iFixit Put your hands on the device to dissect your bowels. This happens even when the product in question is not new as is the case with Next Generation iPod Touch.

Ma's latest media player has been disassembled by the firm to realize the obvious: There are very few changes here compared to the sixth generation iPod touch.

Next generation iPod touch disassembled by iFixit

Basically, we have a processor upgrade (with the arrival of the A10 Fusion chip, already three years old) and nothing more.

This means iPod touch still has the same repairability issues as ever: opening the device is an ugly process that requires the use of heat sources (to soften the adhesive that attaches the screen to the body of the iPod) and a tool of juice.

Next generation iPod touch disassembled by iFixit

The battery that remains the same as the previous generation with 3.99Wh has two release tabs, but one inexplicably gets stuck under the logic plate (which in turn is soldered to the battery). Will understand.

Next generation iPod touch disassembled by iFixit

Basically all iPod touch components are soldered or glued together, which makes the device almost as disposable as the AirPods. Even the headphone jack (which fortunately survived) is soldered to the logic board, which makes repairs or replacements basically impossible. But, hey, at least she's here, isn't she?

Next generation iPod touch disassembled by iFixit

In the end, iFixit gave the new iPod touch grade 4 (at 10 possible points) in its “reparability” index, noting that all design decisions here appear to be profit driven, and not repairable.

The firm praised Apple's decision to keep the device's design and design essentially unchanged, which may favor the reuse of parts, but criticized the heaps of solder and glue applied to it.