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New iPhones would have bilateral recharge (disabled by software only)

Puts bilateral loading, bilateral loading strip to the unhappiness of users waiting for the quite rumored method of loading the iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, Apple's special event was a bucket of cold water, as nothing was said about whether the new models could wirelessly recharge Apple Watches or AirPods by resting them on the back of the devices.

However, for those more hopeful, all may not be “lost”: according to the leaker Sonny dickson, the new iPhones would, in fact, have the hardware needed for bilateral charging, but Apple may have disabled feature through your mobile operating system (iOS). And that, of course, raises the remote question: would it be possible to activate it at some point?

Trusted sources claim that iPhones 11 and 11 Pro include hardware for bilateral loading, but it is disabled by the software. It is still uncertain if this was removed before final production.

Prior to the introduction of the new iPhones, it was even believed that the Apple logo (centered on the back of the phones) somehow served to “help” users know where to position their devices. gadgets to charge them using iPhone.

A few hours before the event, however, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, Bloomberg, said the implementation of the feature would have been canceled by Apple. In a note, Kuo said the feature was set aside possibly because "charging efficiency could not meet Apple's requirements."

As we all know, the history of the company with wireless charging technologies is not positive, but it is better not to have a particular resource anyway than to have and, therefore, face numerous problems. However, we will only know if the new iPhones have such hardware for the feature when the first disassemblies (teardowns) arise as of September 20th.

via MacRumors | Image: Stuff