New iPhones to be introduced on September 10th [atualizado]

New iPhones to be introduced on September 10th [atualizado]

September is coming and with him the new iPhones will be presented at some point. But what time, exactly? Apple has not yet issued invitations or given a shout about a possible special event to be held next month, but Apple staff CNET have a very well-founded bet: according to them, the new smartphones will be shown to the world on the day September 10th.

The guess makes perfect sense: Apple has a habit of introducing new iPhones this week. Labor day American (when the date falls from 5/9) or the week after the holiday (when his date falls to 3/9).

In 2019, the Labor day be on the 2nd, a Monday; therefore, the most likely dates for iPhones will be on the 10th or 11th of the following week. Since September 11 is generally avoided, for obvious reasons, we have the most likely option for Tuesday, the 10th.

With that date in mind, we can already make a probable schedule for the upcoming iPhones: if things go the same way as in previous years, we will have the presales of the handsets started on Friday. 9/13in selected countries; the sale itself starts exactly one week later on the day 9/20. This, of course, does not take into account Brazil, which should receive the new devices only a few months later.

How much release of the final versions of the iOS / iPadOS 13, usually Apple launches everything in the week to the special event, so we can see them on the 16th or 9/17 just a guess, though.

The question now is what Apple is actually presenting: We already have a good suspicion (you can follow all the rumors pertaining to the new iPhones around here), but is Apple holding a letter up its sleeve? Let's wait.

Update by Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro 08/06/2019 at 10:00

Unintentionally, the president of Japanese SoftBank, Ken Miyauchi, stuck his teeth out during a presentation, and suggested that the next iPhones will hit stores 10 days before the end of September, or 20/9 (a Friday) corroborating the above information.

Honestly, I'm wondering what I should do for 10 days. No, I shouldn't have said that. Anyway, I don't know when the new iPhone will be released. However, almost after 10 days, it will be sold separately.

The context of Miyauchi's speech is as follows: Japan has recently revised the Telecommunications Business Law and the new terms will come into force on October 1st. From that date, carriers should unlink the sale of plans with that of devices (such as the iPhone). That is, if the iPhone is launched on 9/20, Japanese carriers will still have 10 days to sell it loyal to some plan.

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