New iPhones May Support Apple Pencil and Up to 512GB Space

New iPhones May Support Apple Pencil and Up to 512GB Space

Just over a month from the announcement of the new iPhones and after dozens of rumors, you can get an idea of ​​what to expect from gadget Ma's flagship for this year. In this momentum, the Chinese market research firm TrendForce released some new information about these devices and ratified others.

According to the company's report and as previously discussed, all three models (one with 5.8 ″ and one with 6.5 ″, both with OLED displays; and an intermediate version with 6.1 ″ and LCD display). ) should rely on Face ID. This may be due to support for Apple pencilBut TrendForce did not specify which of the models would count on it my bet that likely candidates are devices with OLED displays.

With regard to prices, the firm believes that Ma should adjust its selling strategy, influenced by Chinese brands that have grown surprisingly last year with products that deliver high performance at affordable prices. In this regard, and also to maintain its profitability, Apple is negotiating with its suppliers to reduce the cost of some components for both the likely mid-model of the new 6.1 ″ iPhone and products used in previous generations of the iPhone. gadget.

In the meantime, the 6.1 ″ model can count, in addition to Face ID technology, to the dual-Yes (two chips), although the firm does not mention two distinct versions of this model with one and the other without it pointed out that this feature will be unique to some regions. Due to processor and memory upgrades, the cost of this model would be close to that of the iPhone 8 Plus, however, Apple will have to adjust prices to meet market expectations. TrendForce has estimated the initial price of this version around $ 700 and $ 750.

For both models with OLED display, both should have 4GB of RAM and memory storage options. 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. Beyond the size of the display, the difference would, of course, be the price: the 5.8 ″ model, despite being the successor of the iPhone X, could be even cheaper than the current one. flagship from Ma, costing between $ 900 and $ 950, according to TrendForce forecasts. With the release of this model, iPhone X will be able to start its “end of life” process earlier due to the high similarity in the specifications of this new device.

Finally, the 6.5 ″ model may have the business segment as its target audience, since the larger screen and the function dual-Yes are characteristics well liked by this market. According to TrendForce's forecast, in order to encourage the purchase of this model, the initial price of the 6.5 ″ version is likely to be the same as the current iPhone X, $ 1,000.

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Source: https://press.trendforce/press/20180814-3145.html

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TrendForce has announced that the two OLED models are being assembled since late July, while LCD model assembly is scheduled to begin in mid-September, which could indicate a possible delay in the start of sales of the 6.1 ″ model. . Still, the firm stressed that Apple should launch the trio of new iPhones together in September or October.

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