New iPhones may include Face ID at a wider angle; see forecasts for 2019/20

The clock is starting to beat faster as we get closer to Apple’s September special event, and with that, we follow a series of last-minute rumors about Apple’s upcoming releases, including the company’s thriving services .

Mark Gurman, gives Bloomberg, put his mouth on the trombone and detailed some possible characteristics of the infamous iPhones “11 ″, “11 Pro” and “11 Pro Max”, including information about the next update to the iPad Pro and a vision of the future AirPods It’s from HomePod, which should win a new model next year.


As for the criticized expected new iPhones, Gurman “confirmed” the rumors about the possible names of the next devices, including the addition of the “Pro” nomenclature in OLED models. As expected, the Bloomberg proposes that the biggest news of flagships will be the new triple camera system that will combine wide-angle, telephoto and ultra-wide.

More than an improvement in hardware, Apple should take advantage of the potential of the new camera system of iPhones in a new feature (probably exclusive to the next models) called “Smart Frame”. As we reported, this technology will make users adjust the image’s frame and crop after it was taken, but it doesn’t end there: Bloomberg, the new iPhones will be able to take three photos simultaneously (from each lens) and combine them to “create a high resolution image”.

Triple camera on iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Still on resolution, Gurman also expects the video quality of the top-of-the-line models to “increase significantly”, based on several video editing features built into the iOS 13. The difference of these models will, however, be in the possibility of applying these adjustments in real time, while the video is being recorded.

All of this could be possible thanks to the “A13” chip, which will perhaps gain a new component called “AMX”, a type of mathematical coprocessor geared towards tasks related to AR and computer vision.

Another major improvement in the coming iPhones may be related to the Face ID. Since the introduction of Apple’s facial biometrics system – with the iPhone X in 2017 – the technology has gained only minor improvements, but nothing very significant. The next models, however, are expected to gain a new “multi-angle” sensor to identify users’ faces from a wider field of view.

IPhones will include a new multi-angle Face ID sensor that captures a wider field of view so users can unlock devices more easily – even when devices are flat on a table.

In addition, with respect to the next Apple smartphones, Gurman foresees better water resistance (which is already better on the XS and XS Max iPhones), the end of 3D Touch in favor of a “new technology” of Haptic Touch, external design with more resistant glass (with more matte effect).

iPad Pro

The report also cites that a possible update to the iPad Pro is underway, which should, of course, include some improvements in the processing and performance of the Apple tablet. But the big and main change may, in fact, be a triple camera system on top-of-the-line models, bringing them closer to the possible features of future iPhones.

IPad Pro concept with three cameras

THE Bloomberg he also put his hand on the fire and said that Apple is about to launch a new 10.2-inch iPad, which, as we reported earlier, is likely to replace the current 9.7-inch model.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4Apple Watch Series 4 | Image: Distinctive Shots /

As for the smartwatch, it is practically unanimous that the main change in the next model (the “Apple Watch Series 5”) should be the new finishes in titanium and ceramic.

On the one hand, the news is bad given the potential that the watch still has to grow and gain new resources; on the other hand, maybe this is really the best thing to do since “the team is winning”.


AirPodsAirPods | Image: DedMityay /

Here, too, without much news. According to the Bloomberg, the new models of the Apple wireless headphones are already in development and their main characteristics are expected to be water resistance and noise cancellation, something that had been reported for some time.


Concept of the new 16

In addition to recalling the new Mac Pro (which does not yet have a set release date), Gurman also reported that speculation 16-inch MacBook Pro it is quite likely, but does not dare say when it will be announced. Earlier this month, another source “confirmed” the launch of this model for October, but everything is still very diffuse.


Last but not least, the Bloomberg argued that Apple will launch a new HomePod in 2020. Among the improvements of the next generation of the smart speaker from Apple would be thinking to launch a model with only two tweeters (five less than the hardware currently has).

White and black HomePod side by side

Therefore, Apple is likely to market the next HomePod for an even lower price than the current model, which had its value reduced a few months ago due to weak demand for the product. Anyway, the question remains: how much cheaper is the likely future HomePod likely to be?

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In fact, the second semester is usually the busiest period for Apple, precisely because of the launch of new gadgets and now services; however, only time will reveal what will actually emerge from the above rumors.


via 9to5Mac